One Year Anniversary Sales!!!



Magic Singles: Buy $100 in singles, get a $20 gift certificate good for your next visit!

Magic Packs: 3 for $10!

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Summer Commander League!!!

Entry: $25 for Season

There will be 13 Sunday Events total from 6/3-8/26.

You do not have to use the same Commander deck in each event.

3 Proxy MAXIMUM per deck.

Point System:

  • 5 Points- Win the Game

  • 3 Points per opponent you kill

  • 2 Points to each opponent remaining if you suicide/scoop

  • 1 Point for each event you attend

  • 1 Point MAXIMUM for completing an objective

The lowest point earner in each pod may (optional) ban a card before the event begins. If someone has this card, it must be replaced with another card of their choice, or basic land.

Top 4 point earners at the end of the league season win prizes!

1st- 2 Booster Boxes of Current Standard Set and 2 SPINS IN COMMANDER CASE

2nd- 1 Booster Box of Current Standard Set and 1 SPIN IN COMMANDER CASE

3rd- 18 Packs of Current Standard Set and 1 SPIN IN COMMANDER CASE


4th- 9 Packs of Current Standard Set 1 SPIN IN COMMANDER CASE








  1. Create an Unlimited Combo (Any type)

  2. Take 5 or more consecutive turns

  3. Control 5 or more permanents you do not own

  4. Kill someone with Commander Damage

  5. Kill someone with Poison Counters

  6. Kill someone with their own creature

  7. Control at least one of each basic land (not type)

  8. Directly assist one opponent in killing another

  9. Directly save an opponent from death by another opponent

  10. Control a creature with power 20 or greater

  11. Successfully dealt combat damage to all 3 opponents in a single combat phase

  12. Eliminate an opponent during another player’s turn

  13. Eliminate an opponent through mill

  14. Destroy 20 or more creatures in a single turn

  15. Exile 20 or more cards from graveyards in a single turn

  16. Draw 20 or more cards in a single turn

  17. Control 4 different nonland permanents whose English names start with the first four letters of the alphabet (Abyssal Persecutor, Baral, Chandra, Deeproot Elite)

  18. Control a nonland permanent from each set of a block

  19. Destroy 15 or more lands in a single turn

  20. Bring an opponent to exactly zero life

  21. Eliminate an opponent while your life total is 5 or less.

  22. Control 4 planeswalkers

  23. Control a land, creature, enchantment, artifact, planeswalker, instant, and sorcery

  24. Attach 5 or more equipment cards to a creature you control

  25. Win the game having never cast your general

  26. Defeat an opponent with their own general

  27. Have over 100 life

  28. Control 3 or more instants

  29. Deal 21+ Commander damage in a single combat step

  30. Search each opponent’s library at least once.

Grand Opening!

Grand Opening Monday, May 15th! Come check us out or swing by during Third Thursday Street Fest (18th) for all the fun!  

We Buy and Trade!

We buy and trade Magic: The Gathering and Comic books! Ask our staff for more details!


Ask about our Standard and VIP Memberships! Huge savings and loot!


Every Thursday night at 6pm we host TRIVIA!

Free to play!

4 Players per team MAX!

$10 store credit for 1st per team member!

$5 store credit for 2nd per team member!

1 free snack/soda for 3rd per team member!


See you there!!!!