Rewards Program


What it is:

Landrop offers our customers the chance to create their very own character in our shop! The more you play, spend, and how well you perform in tournaments will earn you experience or “XP”. Starting at level 1, the more “XP” you gain, the faster you level up!

You may chose to "spec" in 1 of 3 trees, Magic, Retail (Comics, Board Games, Figurines) or LAN PC/Console gaming (Coming soon!) Winning tournaments may also reward “X” xp (Amount to be advertised before tournament). Attending special events such as Lock-ins, Comic artist signings, trivia nights, board game tournaments/workshops etc. will also earn you XP!

There will be four "seasons" throughout the year, starting May 17th, 2018. Each season is 3 months. At the end of each season, we will host a "Member's Only Tournament" where we host a free draft, Standard, and Modern event all with insane prizes! If you come in the top 8 XP earners in a season, you will receive an INVITE to the end of year "MEMBER'S ONLY CHAMPIONSHIP"! You will have 4 chances/seasons to qualify. We will then host a draft, standard, and modern event for the championship, and the total cumulative points earned through the three events will earn the TOP 8 GRAND PRIZES!

1st: Hotel/Flight/Entry into a GP or Open of their choice in the continental US. (Or a case of a standard set or 2 boxes of the next masters set)

2nd: 2 Boxes of a Current Standard set or 1 Box of the next masters set

3rd: 1 Box of a current Standard set

4th/5th: 18 Packs of current standard set

6th/7th: 9 packs of current standard set

8th: 6 packs of current standard set


Entry into tournaments (1 Round minimum played): 1xp

Each Win: 3xp

Each Loss: 0xp

Each draw/tie: 1xp

Money spent in store will earn 1 XP per $20 (Not applicable with Store Credit, cash/card sales only)


Certain levels, once reached, will reward constant, static benefits for as long as you are a member. Example: Level 20 grants you half off on sodas and snacks. Level 30 Grants you an extra 5% in trade-ins, etc. The more you play and spend, the stronger and more powerful you get! But that’s not all!


When you sign-up for a membership you are instantly rewarded with LOOT!!!!

Who doesn’t love free stuff just for playing?!

Here is a breakdown of our Membership Rewards tiers:




Constructed/FNM: $8

Draft: $12

Sealed: $20

RETAIL: 100% retail cost

Standard Members: $40/YR membership ($20 Annual renewal)



Constructed/FNM: $5

Draft: $10

Sealed: $18

LOOT Just for signing up: 3 packs of current Standard card sets upon purchase/renewal!

1st FNM free or Draft half off!

1 Dice bag with dice!

1 LANDROP T-shirt or Playmat

Access to “Member’s Only” tournaments!



5% off retail purchases under $100! (Comics, Board Games, figurines, accessories)

Discount entry fees for board game tournaments!

10% Trade-in bonus on Comics! (Credit only)

LOOT!: 1 POP Vinyl Figurine upon purchase/renewal

2 Comics ($5 each or less)

1 Board game/card game/Warhammer figurine ($15 or less)!

5% first purchase!

1 Landrop T-shirt!

Access to “Member’s Only” tournaments and events!




VIP MEMBERSHIP: $100 one-time purchase for lifetime membership

LAN: Coming Soon!


Constructed: $5 dollars

FNM: $5, every 4th FNM is FREE!

Draft: $8

Sealed: $15

LOOT!: 1 Fat Pack of current standard set upon purchase/3 packs upon anniversary!

1st Constructed or Draft FREE!

1st Sealed half off!

1 Dice bag with DELUXE dice!

1 set of card sleeves

1 deck box

10% Lifetime trade in bonus! (Credit only)

1 Landrop T-shirt or Playmat

15% off first purchase of singles over $100, or 10% off first purchase of singles under $100!

Access to “Member’s Only” Tournaments and Events


5% off purchases under $100!

10% off purchases over $100!

Discounts on board game tournaments and special event entry fees!

1 $1-$3 comic reserved for you for in-store pickup every month for 1 year.

15% trade-in bonus on comics (Credit only)

Special Email Promo coupons available only to Retail members!


2 POP Vinyl Figurines upon Purchase, 1 POP Vinyl on anniversary

3 comics ($8 each or less)

Boardgame/card game/warhammer figurine ($30 or less)

1 free entry to trivia night event, board game tournament, or lock-in!

1 Free entry to board game tournament for a friend!

Additional 10% off first purchase!

1 Landrop T-shirt

Access to “Member’s Only” tournaments